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What To Do (And Not To Do) When Visiting A Gynecologist in Brooklyn?

Most women would go to see a gynecologist only when they are planning to become a mother. However, most will never go for a routine check unless they have any problems or concerns. You should pay a visit to your gynecology specialist once in a few months to ensure that your reproductive health is well. Whenever you visit your doctor, there are few set of things that you should do and a few things you shouldn’t do.

At Dr. Sorkin Center for Women’s Health, we have experienced obstetrician and gynecologist in Brooklyn who can perform routine checks and help you with any kind of problems. Regular checkup will ensure that you will be able to maintain a healthy reproductive system while also preventing any future problems.

Things to Do Before & During a Visit

Here are the things you must do when before or during a visit to your gynecologist in Brooklyn:

  • Prepare Your Questions in Advance – Before you visit the gynecology expert, make sure to write down all the questions that come to your mind. These questions can relate to any pain during sex, changes in period, or any STD tests.
  • Keep Your Medical History in Mind – You should not just know your own medical history, but that of your family too. If there is any history of polycystic ovarian syndrome or breast cancer in your family, make sure to tell your doctor.
  • Be Relaxed – Such an appointment is going to be stressful for most women. But you should try and feel relaxed to avoid all the unnecessary feelings. Read the magazines, take deep breaths and think positive when waiting for your appointment.
  • Ask for Urine Test for STDs – Usually, your gynecologist in Brooklyn will want you to have urine tests for STDs and STIs, but you should ask for them if you had sex a few days ago. Remember, some STDs don’t have any symptoms, which makes tests important.

Things Not to Do Before & During a Visit

There are also certain things that you should not do before or during the visit. These include the following:

  • Don’t Hide Any Health Information or Habits – You should never hide any information, whether related to health or your habits, from your gynecologist. You should be open and comfortable speaking to your doctor. Never expect that they are going to judge you in any way. They deal with thousands of patients and have already heard about all types of habits.
  • No Sex a Day before Appointment – It is recommended not to have sex a day before your appointment with your gynecology expert. It can make examination a little difficult, painful and can also interfere with the Pap smear tests.

You should also avoid taking any yeast medication or spermicides 24 hours before going to your doctor.

If you have any kind of queries related to your reproductive system, feel free to contact us at Dr. Sorkin Center for Women’s Health. Give us a call today at 718 743 5300 and you will be able to talk to our expert gynecologist in Brooklyn. You can also send us your question via this contact us form or use it to book your appointment online.

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