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Cervical Dysplasia / Precancer of the Cervix and Gardisil

Women of all ages should have a Pap Smear at least once per year to screen for Cervical Dysplasia. This is a very dangerous precancerous condition of the cervix that affects women of ALL AGES at various times of their lives. If the Pap Smear results are abnormal, Dr. Sorkin must perform a colposcopy (microscope procedure) and biopsies. Once the abnormal areas are identified Dr. Sorkin can remove them via cryotherapy, Leep or Knife cone. It is very important to diagnose this condition in the early stages in order to avoid late stage aggressive surgeries, which can lead to future miscarriages, preterm births and other complications.

There is a strong association between Cervical Dysplasia and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). HPV is a virus that infects immature cervical cells during their growth cycle and makes them grow abnormally, later leading to Dysplasia and Cervical Cancer. GARDISIL IS A VACCINE THAT CAN EFFECTIVELY TREAT HPV AND PREVENT CERVICAL DYSPLASIA. Please speak with Dr. Sorkin to see if you are a candidate for GARDISIL. Protect yourself from Cervical Dysplasia today.