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What is labiaplasty?

It is natural for women to be born with larger or asymmetrical labia. Some women also develop this over their lifetime and after childbirth. For those who wish to reduce the size or change the shape of the small lips on the outside of the vagina (the labia minora), they may choose to undergo a cosmetic genital surgical procedure called labiaplasty.

Why would I want labiaplasty surgery?

Patients undergo labiaplasty surgery for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Some of the most common medical reasons include feeling uncomfortable or irritated in the genital area when wearing tight pants, during sexual intercourse, or while exercising. In addition, chronic labial irritation sometimes develop in women who wear tight clothing often. These factors can also cause women to feel embarrassed or self-conscious in front of their partners.

Another reason for choosing labiaplasty is to enhance the aesthetics of the labia. Some women are unhappy or embarrassed with the way their labia look, which can affect sexual relationships and confidence. Other women simply desire a look for their labia that is different from their own. With the increasing acceptance of women’s sexuality in society, labiaplasty has become increasingly popular.

I don’t have children. Can I still have a labiaplasty?

Yes, women may undergo labiaplasty at any point in their lives, whether before or after childbirth.

What is the average length of time of a labiaplasty procedure?

The average length of a labiaplasty procedure is between 1 to 2 hours. An additional hour is spent afterward in our recovery room, where a Registered Nurse will make sure your needs are fully met.

What type of anesthesia is used for labiaplasty surgery?

We perform this procedure under conscious sedation usually using a very short acting medication named Diprovan (propophol). You will be comfortably asleep during the procedure and will awaken within minutes after the surgery is completed. You will not be paralyzed or intubated during the surgery. Please note that this may be different at other facilities, where the patient is often awake during the surgical procedure. This is because we believe that our patients should have the most comfortable experience possible. Anesthesia services are provided by professional board certified anesthesiologists and are included in the cost of the procedure.

What is the postoperative period like?

You may experience discomfort at the surgical site for the first few days, after which it should diminish and go away. We always send patients home with prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics so they can rest in comfort. Full healing takes approximately four weeks. All sutures used dissolve on their own and therefore do not need to be removed.

When can I return to work post labiaplasty surgery?

Most patients are able to return to work within two days after surgery. For your convenience, we can also provide general and discrete medical excuse letters for work.

When can I resume exercise post labiaplasty surgery?

We recommend avoiding strenuous exercise for four weeks.

Will my sexual partner notice a difference after my labiaplasty surgery?

If the labia were interfering with intercourse, both you and your partner will feel an improvement during the activity. Visually, your partner should notice that your labia are now smaller and more symmetric.

What is the fee for labiaplasty surgery?

Dr. Sorkin works closely with his patients to assess their individual needs. There are up to 4 areas that may be reduced – The fee will depend on the individual needs of the patient. It can be determined after the consultation with Dr. Sorkin.

Can labiaplasty and vaginoplasty procedures be done at the same time?

Yes, you can undergo both procedures at the same time. We also provide a discount for multiple procedures.

Does insurance cover the cost of labiaplasty surgery?

Insurance usually does not cover the cost of this surgery because it is considered elective. However, for our patients’ convenience, we work closely with two financial institutions to provide a zero to low interest financing of your surgery.

We also accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

What is my next step, if I’m interested in labiaplasty surgery?

For women considering labiaplasty, Dr. Sorkin would be happy to discuss with you over the phone or at a FREE private consultation in the office. Please give us a call anytime at 855-447-1212.

How far in advance should I schedule my labiaplasty surgery?

Consultations can be scheduled any time. We would prefer a 48-hour notice to schedule the procedure, although at times we have been able to accommodate patients with as little as 24-hour notice. You may of course choose to schedule your surgery several weeks or months in advance.

How much is an initial consultation?

The initial consultation fee is FREE. At the Dr. Sorkin’s office, we believe that once you meet our dedicated staff and see our state of the art facility, you will love them as much as we do.

If I do not live in the NYC area, can I schedule my consultation the same day as surgery?

Absolutely. For their convenience, many of our out of town patients choose to have their consultations immediately prior to surgery. During your appointment, Dr. Sorkin performs a physical exam and discusses the procedures that interest you in full detail.

Are there hotels near your office?

Yes, thanks to the central location of our medical center, there are numerous hotels in the area – even one right across the street. If you would like detailed information on transportation and accommodations, please let us know when scheduling your consultation over the phone. Our helpful staff can even assist you with hotel reservations.