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VALENTINE’S DAY IS COMING UP… IS ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION SAFE DURING PREGNANCY? I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day. My husband is so romantic. The presents… The fancy dinner… The romantic candlelight… The yummy glasses of Chardonnay.

BEWARE!!!! FLU SEASON IS UPON US The FLU, medically known as Influenza, is an acute respiratory illness caused by Influenza viruses A and B.  The viruses are prevalent in winter.  On the East Coast that means

FIGHTING STRETCH MARKS – NOT ONLY A PREGNANCY PROBLEM   A very common problem that many of my pregnant patients complain about is STRETCH MARKS.  Stretch marks typically occur on the belly, sides, thighs and

Regular aerobic and muscle strength exercising during uncomplicated pregnancy improves cardio-respiratory function and physical fitness.  However, these activities must be modified in pregnancy to accommodate the anatomic and physiologic changes that occur in pregnant women

Popular questions that have recently come up amongst my patients have been about the ZIKA VIRUS. As many of us like to do, many of my patients enjoy vacationing in warm climates. Mexico, Puerto Rico,

That is a common question I get from my patients. Vaginal Discharge is one of the most common complaints my patients discuss with me. It is a very sensitive topic and many patients are embarrassed